The Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute (CTHI) is the first international franchise of the Canadian Tourism College (CTC) based in Vancouver, Canada. With its thirty (30) years of providing real-world quality tourism education, CTC is now a multi-awarded and globally recognized leader in its field.

As the CTC brand guarantees an extensive, current and industry-validated curriculum, it has established itself as a premier source of highly-trained tourism and hospitality staff for a number of the world’s top tourism enterprises, with its graduates enjoying more than ninety percent (90 percent) employment rate.

Recognizing that the Filipinos are the ideal tourism workers with their innate hospitality, instinctive service orientation and high adaptability, CTC is bringing its professional training expertise to the Philippines as it envisions CTHI to be the premier tourism academic hub in Asia.

Through its proven effective system and tested training modules, CTHI will equip, mold and mentor its students for immediate employment and progression into leadership positions in the global tourism and hospitality industry.



  • Graduates enjoy more than 90 percent employment rate.
  • Courses include 300 hours of quality on-the-job training that provides experience needed for permanent job application.
  • Classes start monthly, no need to wait for the next semester to enroll.
  • Courses are shorter in duration as they are focused on developing industry-relevant skills.
  • Modules have been proven effective by the world’s leading tourism enterprises.
  • Training system is designed to prepare students for immediate employment and progression into leadership positions in the industry.
  • Programs may carry transfer credits into diploma and degree programs in many parts of the world.
  • Instructors are seasoned industry professionals.
  •  Classes are small to ensure specialized attention to every student.
  • Campus is conveniently located with numerous parking slots available.




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